Region 2 40 Hour Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Course – Tyler

This 40-hour course introduces the skillsets to prepare Law Enforcement personnel to become crisis/hostage negotiators.  Upon completing this course, the new negotiator will have an essential understanding of team roles in crisis/hostage negotiations and should be able to perform in any hostage negotiator team member role.  This course meets standards set forth by TCOLE and by the State of Texas for wiretap warrants.  The class cost is $300 which includes a 1-year TAHN membership.

This course covers the following and more:

– History of Negotiations

– Characteristics of a Negotiable Incident and Stages of an Incident

-Active Listening and Communication Skills

-Handling Demands, Effects of Time

-Recognizing Psychological, Mental and Emotional disorders, how to recognize them and deal with them, including Stockholm Syndrome

-The Effects of Stress, Stages of Stress and Stress in the Hostage Situation

-Team Structure

-Intelligence Coordination

-A full day of Realistic Scenarios and Scenario Training

WHEN: September 9-13, 2024


11325 Spur 248

Tyler, Texas 903-312-8318