April 28th, 2019 |

40 Hour Hostage Negotiations Course

This 40-hour course which is designed to teach new negotiators the basics of hostage negotiations. Upon completion of this course the new negotiator will have a full understanding of all aspects of hostage negotiations and will be able to function ...

January 19th, 2019 |

40 Hour Hostage Negotiations Course

May 6-10, 2019 - Location

July 3rd, 2018 |

Basic 40-hour Crisis/Hostage Negotiator Course

This is a TCOLE approved Basic course for new Crisis/Hostage Negotiators or those officers interested in becoming such. The course will consist of both classroom and practical active listening exercises and scenarios. Cost. TAHN members ...

March 21st, 2018 |

The Role of the Dispatcher in Hostage/Crisis Negotiations

Students will: *Be introduced to the fundamentals of negotiations and skills used by crisis negotiators, *Learn general guidelines of their role in Hostage/crisis incidents, *Analyze case studies, *Review resources for stress management after ...