Crisis Intervention Training


TAHN Treasurer Scott Fundling will teach this 40 hour mandated training.

With increasing frequency, law enforcement is being called upon to respond to individuals in serious mental health crises. It is necessary for law enforcement personnel to understand mental illness, and the tactics and techniques that have been proven to work most effectively when responding to individuals in these situations. These tactics and techniques are different than those routinely taught to officers to manage conflict. Generally, the underlying elements behind mental illness-related behavior, is usually not criminal or malicious. Utilizing the information from this course, and implementing effective strategies can help keep the officer safe, keep the public safe, and greatly reduce civil liability.

Training Location:

Denton County Emergency Services Building

9060 Teasley Ln.

Denton, TX 76210



Paul Keith

TAHN Vice President of Training


Cost of the class is $100 for TAHN members and $140 for non-TAHN members ($40 of this will go toward a TAHN membership).

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