Scholarship Information and Special Recognization

T.A.H.N Annual College Scholarship
Each year, the Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators awards up to 3 scholarships of $1000 each for our member’s children for use toward their secondary education.

Please send your scholarship applications, resumes, transcripts, and written statements to between October 1st and April 1st for consideration for a scholarship award. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

John Niquette
Regional Vice President-Region 3
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office


Please see the below for more information on the TAHN Awards and Scholarship


TAHN Special Recognition Guidelines

TAHN would like to recognize primary negotiators and their teams who have had to navigate extraordinary circumstances during callout operations. TAHN is soliciting a brief write up of an event that generally fits the following criteria for an extraordinary negotiation, in order to recognize the negotiators involved. Not all criteria need to be met to receive recognition, and details of the event may need to be left out due to TAHN making the event public.  Most of the negotiating team would need to be present for the event being submitted to qualify for team recognition.

1. An operation in which the team was on-scene for an extraordinary period of time (e.g. negotiating non-stop for many hours and/or being deployed for over 10 hours) and/or had to endure other extreme or demanding elements (e.g. weather factors like extreme heat or cold, hail, lightening, etc., hostile crowds, under fire, with politicians or chiefs/sheriffs interrupting and pressuring the primary negotiator, etc.).
2. An operation that involved the injury or death of responding officers, especially if those officers were known to the responding negotiators.
3. An operation that involved the injury or death of innocent hostages or other innocent third parties.
4. An operation that involved unnecessary, excessive, and/or stressful scrutiny of the negotiators and/or police response.
5. An operation that involved numerous other agencies and/or required extraordinary coordination among responding elements (e.g. multiple and related scenes and actors).

Please submit any special recognition summaries to