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2016 TAHN Board Election- Candidate Message #2

December 17, 2016

This year the Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators Regional Vice President Region V position has two candidates running. Please see the below from candidate Matt Davidson.

TAHN Members,

I am running for Region V Vice President.  I started my career over 14 years ago with the Odessa Police Department, and have held the following positions: Patrol Officer & Corporal, Field Training Officer, Crisis Negotiator Team Member, Patrol Sergeant, Crisis Negotiator Sergeant, Narcotics Sergeant, Professional Standards Unit Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant, and Crisis Negotiator Lieutenant.  I hold a TCOLE Instructors Certificate and an Advanced Peace Officers Certificate.

I have been a member of the Odessa Police Department’s Crisis Negotiator Team for over 7 years and had the pleasure to serve a portion of this time under the guidance and leadership of Inspector Paul Shepherd, who is a former Region 5 Vice President.  I have held various responsibilities within the team as a negotiator.  From these experiences, I felt confident after my promotion to Sergeant on October 2011 to take on more responsibilities of leading a team.  During my tenure as Crisis Negotiator Sergeant we have had several successful negotiations that have resulted in safe surrenders from persons in crisis.  I also used this time to bridge the gap between S.W.A.T. operations and C.N.T, as well as writing and administered all trainings for the team.  When I promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, I used this time to share my experience with the current Sergeants on the team, and have recently observed our Crisis Negotiator Team expand to full strength of 18 members.

My interest in becoming the Region V Vice President for TAHN is to assist in the training of all TAHN members of Region 5.  I feel that TAHN is an exceptional association that provides quality training to its members, and I want to assist by being a leader for my region and assist all member departments.  I personally believe that this is one of the most important positions to be associated with as a law enforcement officer, and have an internal drive to expand our training opportunities to all departments within Region 5.  TAHN presents quality training that has been standardized and efficient in the organization of its presentation, and I want to ensure that this training is available to all member agencies in Region V.  I would also like to communicate and share in-service training with other agencies to make sure that all members feel supported by their region Vice President.

If elected as Region V Vice President, I would like to continue the work that Vice President Victor Rivera has accomplished and reach out to all TAHN members to ensure that they have the support that they need.  I am asking that you consider me in the upcoming election to represent Region V as Vice President of the Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators. 

Matt Davidson, Lieutenant,
Odessa Police Department (Odessa, TX)